Netwit is simply a free platform that cuts through the noise associated with social media, making it easy to engage in a focused discussion setting.

What’s with the name “Netwit”? The name is a combination of words. The “Net” is derived from the word Internet and “Wit” means mental sharpness and inventiveness; keen intelligence. Defined as a person of superior intellect.

  • Netwit lets you see how the other side thinks.

    View people’s perspective. You can see the entire discussion through the eyes of different individuals, opponents or groups to better understand the topic being discussed.

  • Create your own debate group.

    Netwit enables you to set up groups, invite users, and create discussions that other groups or user members can see and interact with.

  • Community code of conduct.

    This platform has been created so that you can exchange ideas, converse and meet with others who share a common interest in a safe environment. We reinforce the proper behavior which we expect by all community members.

  • In summary.

    Use your common sense, treat others as you expect to be treated and help us build a great community experience for everyone. Most important of all, have fun and be kind to one another!

We are currently
developing our amazing app,
stay tuned!